The Mid-Michigan Antiquarian Book Dealers Association


We have been called one of the last viable book shows in the country and we aim to keep it that way! The more publicity a show gets, the more successful it will be. We do our best to ensure that ads are placed in the national collector's magazines and the area newspapers. Here are ways you can help.

USEthe space provided on the contract to tell us how many flyers you will help distribute. Dealers with mail order businesses can include flyers with their packages, as we have people attending from hundreds of miles away.


We are working to maximize our online promotion. We want to include advertising for the individual dealers. This requires your cooperation. Please

Get your contract in on time.

Fill out your contract completelyincluding the Subject Listing section. We publish an Exhibitor by Subject list in our Show Guide and many attendees use this to maximize their time.

IMPORTANT If you can include a specific item (by email is with a picture is best) we will post it on our Facebook page along with a plug for your booth. The page has consistent views and likes even between shows.