Adult Posters

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Hotter After Dark (IMDB)

Hotter After Dark

1967 One-sheet
$10 (Poor; written on, torn and taped)

Director:Mort Shuman
Starring: Amar Ami
Andrea Barr
Marcy Dome

Juliette de Sade (IMDB)

Juliette de Sade

1969 One-sheet
$25 (Fair)

Director:Lorenzo Sabatini
Starring: Maria Pia Conte
Angela De Leo
Christine Delit

The Killing of Sister George (IMDB)

The Killing of Sister

1968 One-sheet
$45 (Very good-fine; color loss at fold, beginning to split at fold)

Director:Robert Aldrich
Starring: Beryl Reid
Susannah York
Coral Browne

Mail Order Confidential (IMDB)

Mail Order Confidential

1968 One-sheet
$25 (Fine)

Starring: Michael Courtney

Midnight Plowboy (IMDB)

Midnight Plowboy

1971 One-sheet
$40 (Very good-fine; colors vibrant, small split at fold, some wrinkling)

Director:Bethel Buckalew
Starring: John Tull
Nan Cee
Jack Richesin

The Minx (IMDB)

The Minx

1969 One-sheet
$30 (Good-very good; splits at fold and rubbing)

Director:Raymond Jacobs
Starring: Jan Sterling
Robert Rodan
Shirley Parker

The Swappers (IMDB)

The Swappers

1970 One-sheet
$40 (Fine; border tape, chunk out of border)

Director:Derek Ford
Starring: James Donnelly
Larry Taylor
Valerie St. John

Swedish Fly Girls (IMDB)

Swedish Fly Girls

1971 One-sheet
$45 (Fine)

Director:Jack O'Connell
Starring: Birte Tove
Baard Owe
Clinton Greyn

The Swingin' Stewardesses

The Swingin' Stewardesses

1970 One-sheet
$40 (Very good-fine; small stain on artwork)

Director:Erwin C. Dietrich
Starring: Evelyne Traeger
Larry Taylor
Valerie St. John

Whirlpool (IMDB)


1970 One-sheet
$35 (Good-very good; split at fold, smudge)

Director:José Ramón Larraz
Starring: Karl Lanchbury
Vivian Neves
Pia Andersson

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